Top Medical Careers You Should Know


There are different career fields in the medical industry. Actually, the healthcare industry is the fastest growing area in most economies today. The department of labor estimates the healthcare industry in America alone has employed more than 10 million individuals with an additional 3 million expected to get into this industry by 2017. This expected increase has been facilitating the availability of more medical schools and online training programs.

Medical Careers


This is one of the highest and most rewjmkbe5dr62t72u82arding careers in the health industry. However, you require better high school grades to qualify for this. Besides, it also takes you significantly longer to learn and get a practicing license. As much as becoming a doctor can be difficult, it is a very rewarding and satisfying career. As a physician, you can also venture and specialize in a particular area like dentistry or skincare. For instance, from the main types of physicians, surgeons are highly considered and can earn more than half a million dollars annually.


This forms the biggest part of healthcare practitioners not only in amerce but in the whole world. Individually, nurses are close to 20% of the entire working population with projected estimates expecting this number to grow to 25% by 2017. This enormous number makes nursing a top medical profession. There are different types of nursing careers. Some of them can start right after high school and others requiring a college certificate. The job description is similar, but the level of education determines the compensation and responsibilities received.

Medical Assistant

Allied health careers require less training that that accorded to doctors and some nurses. However, some of them are very rewarding. To qualify for this job, you only need four-year degree course to land one of the many carries in the medical industry. The prospects presented by this career are very high with medical assistants expected to grow by 30% before 2017. This makes this career very versatile and promising considering that does not require extensive training but still pays handsomely.

Besides, there are other staff members or support staff needed to help doctors and nurses carry out their roles. Considering that most of them do not pay very well, they also require less training. If at all you are considering working in the health care industry in the future, you have every reason to do this considering that this industry is expected to grow by 50% in 2017. Besides, the humanitarian aspect of this industry makes it very satisfying to work in this industry,