Woman Health: Natural Ways to Tighten Vagina Muscles

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Most women tend to lose their tightness as years go, especially after giving a couple of births. Apart from the fact that this can affect their sexual life, they also lose confidence and enthusiasm in life. The good news is that there is always a solution to many of the problems people face.

When it comes to regaining back a tight V, a lady will have many options as you will read more on this publication. They range from medical procedures to natural solutions. Today, we will focus on natural ways to tighten the vagina muscles.


It is indeed true that proper exercises that target the hips, pelvic muscle and the vaginal floor muscles do help women to regain their tightness. The gist is in doing them right and consistently. The good thing is that some of these exercises do not need any help from a fitness expert or equipment. Just a simple tutorial or guideline will set you rolling. Here are the best:

Healthy Exercises

  • Kegel exercises – these exercises are known to help women achieve more benefits than a tight vagina. They also control the bladder and uterus functions by making them better. They are also responsible for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which is all that a woman needs to start the journey of having a tight V. Identification of the right pelvic floor muscles is better done by stopping urination halfway and holding it there for about 15 seconds and then continuing. Women who do kegel exercises three times a day stand a better chance for great results after some time.
  • Yoga – another helpful exercise for women is yoga. Women need to focus the moves and exercises that help them to strengthen the pelvic muscles. With a yoga video tutorial, it is easy to convert your living room into a fitness area for an hour every day. Yoga has been proved to help women regain back their confidence through a tight vagina.

Vaginal Cones

Not many women who know more about these cones and how they work. Others cannot imagine inserting these dongles inside their bodies. However, they work miracles when one chooses the appropriate size and weight to make the muscles down there strong.

A gynecologist can assess if there are any possibilities of infection or reaction with the cones when you start using them. If all is well, why not wear then for some time every day for the best results.


There are numerous foods with the capability to help people in tightening down there. For women, foods like pomegranate, wheat berries, soy, fenugreek and carrots have the best nutrients for healthy pelvic muscles. They have a high level of estrogen, which is essential for a woman. Vinegar is also another ingredient that can be added to salads and foods to help women achieve their dreams. The secret is that you should consistently feed on such food at all times.

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Any women who succeeds in regaining the tightness can attest that it is not an easy journey, especially when one decides to use the natural ways. It calls for patience and determination. However, you can still succeed since others have. Just follow the right procedure for any option that you choose.